May 11, 2006

[Misc] Google Trends で遊ぶ

Google Trends というサービスが新規公開された。 How does Google Trends work? によると、

Google Trends analyzes a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time.
というサービスらしい。 試してみると、これが意外と面白い。

Google Trends の使い方

Google Trends のクエリフォーマットは How many terms can I compare? What other functionality is available? で解説されている。

You can compare up to five terms by separating each term with a comma. To compare trend info for "mittens" and "bathing suits," for example, you'd simply enter [ mittens, bathing suits ] and click on "Search Trends."

To see how many searches contained either of two terms, just separate those terms with a vertical bar: "|". For example, to determine how many searches contained the terms "mittens" or "gloves," you'd enter [ mittens | gloves ]. To compare multi-word terms, use parentheses. To see how many searches were done for either "winter mittens" or "gloves," for instance, enter [ (winter mittens) | gloves ]; otherwise, your query will be interpreted to mean all searches for "winter mittens" or "winter gloves."

You can also exclude terms from your search by using the minus sign. To see how many searches contained the term "maps" but not "google," for instance, just enter [ maps -google ].

To restrict your results to only those searches that contain your terms in the specific order you've entered them, put your terms in quotation marks. (By default, Google Trends will show you all searches that contain the terms you entered in any order.)

Note: when you use any of these advanced features -- quotation marks, minus signs, or vertical bars -- Google Trends will only display the search-volume graph. The news portion of the product doesn't support advanced functionality at this time.
  • 比較したいキーワードはカンマ区切りで入力 (例、"apple,orange")
  • キーワードを OR で連結する場合は '|' を使用 (例、"Revolution|Wii,PS3|(Play Station 3)")
  • 特定の語彙を除外したい場合は '-' を使用 (例、"java - coffee,.Net")

Web 開発のトレンド

面白いので、Java による Web 開発関連のトレンドを調べてみた。 Application Server や IDE はなかなか面白い結果だった。

●java ●.net
Java vs .Net Applcation Server IDE Ant vs Maven O/R Mapping Framework DI Container Unit Test


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